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Archive: September 2017

Thank you for your sponsorship!

J&N Foundations of Wales


Posted by Kelli Gilzow  on September 19, 2017 | Read more in: News

Become a Family Literacy Sponsor!

Wanted Local Business Family Literacy Sponsors !

We have just 7 Scholarships available for the 2017-2018 School Year for our Family Literacy events! Held at Sabattus Primary School (biwkly on Mondays) & Libby Tozier (biwkly on Thursdays)!

  • October: Masks! with face-painting

  • November: Quiet! with meditation

  • December: SNOW! with outside play

  • January: The Jar of Happiness! with mason jar activity

  • February: Clive & his hats! Encouraging dress-up & a photo booth

  • March: First Time: Dentist! Guest Speaker

  • April: RAIN! Umbrella etiquette with sing-a-long

Cost of the sponsorship includes :

Have your business highlighted on the registration form, event flyers, mentioned in all monthly social media correspondence and displayed on the RSU4 Maine Adult Education website. Each sponsor will receive a thank you certificate and tax write off letter. If you have any advertising brochures or monthly specials that you’d like to have us announce in our Event advertising, please provide us with a copy in ready to print format!)


Sponsorship monetary amounts are tiered in order of costs:

  • Tier 1 : Helps to cover the costs of the material costs for the Adventure Hour hands-on activity.

  • Tier 2 : Helps cover the expense of providing a FREE take-home copy of the selected monthly book for each participating adult/child. As a bonus thank you for each sponsor, we will give you a complimentary copy

  • Tier 3 : Covers the above for the selected month and remain on the RSU4 Maine Adult Education website for the full fiscal year.


Thank you for sponsoring your local Adult & Community Education program and helping to develop a Family Literacy Program in your community!

  • Tier 1: $40 (covers monthly hands-on activity material expense)

  • Tier 2: $100 (covers the above + a portion of the selected FREE book expense)

  • Tier 3: $200 (covers the above + business logo remains displayed for duration of the fiscal year)


Please make checks payable to :

RSU4 Oak Hill Adult & Community Education!

PO Box 400

Sabattus, ME 04280


If you have any questions please contact Kelli between 10a and 2P Monday-Friday.

Email: or Phone: 207.375.6605.


Posted by Kelli Gilzow  on September 19, 2017 | Read more in: News

Family Literacy with StoryTime Adventure Hour!

We are excited to announcing that the Oak Hill Adult & Community Education program will be offering a FREE Literacy Opportunity in our community! StoryTime Adventure Hour’s will be targeting children at the 2-4yr old age range, not yet enrolled into the district preschool program.

During these StoryTime Adventure Hours, an Adult Education Instructor will be providing family literacy techniques to use in your own home and daily routines, reading a special themed story each month and reiterating comprehension with a hands-on activity for each child! Each child leaves with a copy of the book used during StoryTime Adventure Hour!

We held our first StoryTime Adventure Hour at Sabattus Primary School on Monday, September 11th at 830a. We filled our first class with 10 children and one or two of their parents! It was fantastic to see such excitement in these children’s eyes. Hearing parents speak about the convenience and importance of family literacy in their own community was exhilarating!

Registration is required so that we can prepare accordingly. There is a minimum # required, of 4 hold the class and a maximum of 10 for each class. Registration is online at or by phone: #207.375.6605. Pre-Registration allows us to plan accordingly with books and materials.


StoryTime Adventure Hour’s will be held at:

Sabattus Primary School Library, 36 No Name Pond Rd, Sabattus 04280

Mondays 8:30-9:30am


Libby Tozier Library, 466 Academy Rd, Litchfield 04350

Thursdays 8:30-9:30am

Oak Hill Adult & Community Education employee, Kelli Gilzow, reads FALL by Ailie Busby, to on-looking children at the first StoryTime Adventure Hour of 2017 at Sabattus Primary School. From L to R: David Greenleaf, age 3 of Litchfield, Bentley Rand, age 3 of Wales & Zoie Hardt, age 3.5.


Posted by Kelli Gilzow  on September 19, 2017 | Read more in: Events


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